Why I Left Big Law...

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Candidly, I was never the type of person who knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I was perfectly content with finding a job with good medical, dental, and retirement benefits and one that offered a semi-decent work-life balance. So imagine how elated I was when I landed what I thought was my dream job in “big law” immediately after graduating law school and passing the bar exam. I was the youngest attorney at the firm, practicing in my dream practice area, and was making a six-figure salary all at the age of twenty-five. I truly felt like I had made it. But then everything changed…

As the youngest and only minority-female attorney in my office, I constantly dealt with feelings of isolation and inadequacy. No matter how much I tried, I felt like I couldn’t socially relate to my colleagues. I didn’t understand their jokes, tastes in food and alcohol, music, etc. To compensate for my inability to have genuine social interactions, I threw myself into my work – coming in early, staying late, working on weekends, rarely taking vacations, and making sure that my work-product was immaculate. After nearly two years of this, my health started to decline. I had previously been warned by my doctor that my high-stress levels, long works hours, and lack of vacations would continue to take a toll on my health. Before I knew it, I was being hospitalized. You would think that my hospitalization would’ve forced me to reevaluate my job, but it didn’t. Two days later I went back to work and fell back into my old habits of overcompensation, completely ignoring my health.

A few months later, I had what some would call a revelation. I literally woke-up one morning and realized that this couldn’t be my peak: my lack of a personal life, deteriorating health, my feelings of isolation at the office, the long work hours, etc. My current version of life couldn’t be my reality for the next 20, 30, or 40 years - that’s when entrepreneurship came into the picture. Right before I quit “big law” I sat down and made a list of all of the pros and cons of my job. Admittedly, many of the pros were superficial: money, notoriety, and the like. But the cons list was twice the length: lack of work life balance, missing time with my children, poor health, feelings of isolation, and more. At that point I had two options, I could find another job where I would likely face the same challenges or become an entrepreneur. The choice was easy….

One week later, I quit my “big law” job and launched the Law Office of Sabrina Cobb, LLC, a virtual boutique law firm dedicated to serving entrepreneurs and creatives with their business law and intellectual property law needs. Embracing my entrepreneurial spirit was by far one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Now, let’s get started on making the “be your own boss lifestyle” attainable for you!

For assistance with business formation, contract drafting or review, trademark registration, copyright registration, or general counsel services, book a consultation with our office! We look forward to helping you build and grow a successful brand and business…

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